Beginner’s Luck

Googled up a list of early learning centers in my area and mapped out a diligent tour of dead-drops to hit today with my brochure. First place I went in loved the OS Cubes idea. They invited me to come back later in the day for the school-aged kids and run through some cubes action. 

We went through the first set of Math Backwards exercises and also played Balance Point 77. With 7 different students aged 5, 9, 5, 8, 7, 9, and 5 we began with introductions. I gave them my real name, Jared Douglas Monaco, but gave them the option to call me Mr Abri my alias. They loved the idea of a nickname for me. I learned that my small 3/4″ plastics are probably good for 7+ ages, younger than that and the OS Cubes just end up on the floor. The standing instructor suggested a larger pillow cube for younger students and the director suggested it be made of vinyl for cleaning purposes. That’s good feedback!

While I’m happy to carry several lines eventually for now I just want to get some traction. This one company has invited me back to play some more and meet the other owners. The one owner I met pointed me to research a common preschool curriculum called Creative Curriculum, and also to research Step Up To Quality the standards set for 2020 preschool goals. I have much to learn. I intend to rough out a workbook and come up with some sort of way to measure and compare effectiveness against other arithmetic teaching methods. The more I do though the more I find needs done. Let’s hope I can sustain my beginner’s luck throughout the rest of this month of customer discovery.


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Customer discovery

Ramping up and gonna try this again. And by ramping up I mean getting all excited about it… Also planning better and following some startup guidelines. I found the Lean methodology and studied it for a bit and have a good idea of how to take it step by step now.

My understanding of Lean in business is basically a scientific approach. Hypothesize and test assumptions and measure the results then pivot, all the way to edu con. I have a lot to learn yet but am moving so that’s good. I just finished making this flier and will be approaching different potential customers to check interest. My plan is to hitup some private schools and early learning places and deliver my brochure. My patent has been applied for so I have a little recourse protection now. Anyhow, excited to engage!! 

We’ve now got a few clear uses established. The Math Backwards exercises, The Bath MACwords board game, and the Balance Point 77 cubes rolling game. Competencies covered in this arsenal are foundational arithmetic, spacial reasoning, coding, and math facts. Just because it’s neat and useful though doesn’t mean people will buy it, and that’s what customer discovery is all about. Hopefully within a month or so I’ll be posting about all the huge purchase orders I’ve received! 

Ttfn ttyl -Jared


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Introducing: The Primaries

Back behind the blk n wht’s are the bright side of my new primaries theme. These are my favorite so far!! Love them!!!

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Can has sell cards

Yay I have a store front now jus need some cusomers


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Blah blah blah



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It’s all relative…

when this Teacher is ready the Student appears, and I know that’s backwards but here’s one student’s first equation with the new 10 Deck and 26 Deck card sets


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Show and Tell

I figured out a way to use these cubes and the new decks of cards together. It’s really simple and I think I have enough together now to build a real program!! I’ve hired a friend to partner with and we’re meeting three hours a day everyday next week to bust out a curriculum outline with learning outcomes and standards n stuff.

“This is what we’ve been training for!”
– Dan Harkins


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