Math Backwards

These are OS Cubes. They go in pairs as a set and also in group sets per group color scheme. This particular set is called a Player’s Set, black n white’s. There are 16 different cube color combos in all and each has a counterpart matched pair cube. They are not like other symbol dice as they have a special set of symbols and are in a special orientation. All OS Cubes have the same symbols and the same symbol orientation.


OS Cubes

I use them for my Math Backwards arithmetic method as well as for a few games and pattern recognition exercises which I teach in both one-on-one and group class/workshop settings.

The main benefit of using my math cubes is that you can model divergent thinking with them. The reason for their invention is to combat linear thinking in problem solving.

OS Cube benefits:

  • Manipulative, tactile
  • Creative engagement
  • Models divergent thinking
  • Fun!

There are a few other deeper and more philosophical uses for the cubes which I am happy to go over with the appropriate audience. For an introduction OS Cubes are great for teaching math in a fun and engaging way that’s out-of-the-box. 

Instructional videos coming soon